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Unlike therapy, coaching doesn't require you to have a challenge where medical intervention is necessary. Coaching is often a proactive approach.

Coaches help you get to know yourself, uncover blindspots, chase your goals, get unstuck, improve your relationships and become the best possible version of yourself.

Here are some client stories to help you decide if coaching is for you. 


“Zayd has an uncommon ability to see possibilities where others most commonly see limitations. He will inspire you to reach for your dreams, encourage you, challenge you to grow and be there to celebrate every step of the way"

Dovile | Coach | USA

"Akshita was the most supportive and effective coach, guiding me through some heavy life challenges throughout 2020. She was my lifeline during the pandemic lockdown, coaching me on everything from my romantic relationship to health and drinking habits to career goals. No matter what the subject was, Akshita struck the right balance of listening and proactively offering advice and recommendations. Her listening ability is uncanny. I could tell she was hanging on my every word and pause, and picked up on the smallest body language cues to identify the root of my discomfort. Then, she would pull into her deep reservoir of training and experience to select exercises and strategies that I could employ in between our sessions. And she was so receptive to feedback to ensure that she was meeting my expectations and outcomes. I had also been seeing a therapist during lockdown, but Akshita's positivity and action-oriented sessions were multiple times more effective and gratifying. I could not recommend her highly enough as a coach--she is an absolute gem!"

Stacie | USA | Google 

“Zayd provided necessary professional coaching that was crucial for meeting my professional goals.

His problem-solving and listening skills allowed us to understand and implement the ideal strategies that fit my personality and work habits. I could not recommend his services highly enough"

Winslow | Spain | Professor

"Akshita and Zayd have been invaluable in my search as I pivot careers. Part thought provoker, part cheerleader, they have a knack for knowing which hat to put on, to bring out a clarity of self that is hard to pinpoint on your own.


They help me discover the crossing between what I want to do and what I can do. They see the best in you and have a way of repackaging your own, often times confusing, thoughts in a way that provides a meaningful direction.


The program packed me with the tools, the right mindset and the positive attitude to carry on with the changes and the goals I have put in place. It gave me the confidence to pursue those and I am enjoying my life and my work more"

Valesca | Singapore | Management Consultant 

"Akshita and Zayd are amazing coaches and their self-discovery course was a gamechanger for me!


The content was high-quality and rooted in powerful statistics, but we also learned from free-form sharing with the coaches and our group.


We left with actionable insights about staying motivated and true to our purpose. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who's interested in improving their executive or life skills. Thanks for an awesome program, Toward!"

Rashna | Singapore | Stanford BA, Columbia JD

"The program helped me uncover deep rooted motivations and aspirations I had never before identified with. Things I genuinely did not know about myself but have major implications in the way I will frame my life going forward.

 We explored several frameworks to achieve this, but it is really all about to the coaches - Akshita and Zayd - for creating a safe and empathic environment that allowed a carefully curated program cohort to explore and help others explore too.

They made the difference not just because they are both excellent coaches well versed in professional coaching techniques, but more importantly because they have gone through the journey of self-discovery themselves. They understand beyond the books what some of us are going through and how we feel, and they are extremely passionate and invested to help us in re-discovering ourselves to realise our full potential."

Jose | Singapore | Entrepreneur | Ex-consulting & law

"Zayd has been a life saver! Transitioning from the industry that just pays the bills into creative pursuits has been daunting. But Zayd helps me stay true to my compass, so I don't feel bound to unfulfilling paths simply based on playing it safe. 

Juggling both career transitions and family responsibilities means I need to pursue my dreams pragmatically, not with reckless abandon. Zayd's insight really enables me to pinpoint the tools I have with me to stay focused on stability while pursuing my dreams. I'm so glad he understands my specific need for balance while still nurturing what truly inspires me."

Sasha | USA

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