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New Manager Checklist

Here's a simple checklist to evaluate your management practices against. Don't worry if you aren't doing all of these yet, think of them as more tools in your arsenal to becoming an effective leader.


  • Do you know your own meta goals as a manager?

  • Have you shared your priorities for the quarter and year with your manager?

  • Do you have regular professional development chats with your manager?

  • Are you using the Defer, Do, Delegate and Delete template to manage work?

  • Do you truly understand the power of OKRs (see article)?

Focus and Inspiration

  • Is your team clear on the company focus area for the quarter and year? If the company has no clear goal, are they clear on your team focus areas for the year and quarter?

  • Is your team inspired? Is the purpose of what you do and the impact you create as a team clear?

Professional Development

  • Do you understand your team member’s goals, priorities, strengths, energy givers & takers and rough edges?

  • Do you have weekly or fortnightly professional development meetings with the individuals on your team to share and receive feedback?

Team work

  • Have you agreed on the optimal way to work together as a team and as individuals?

  • Do you measure your work in a way that creates focus and drives experimentation vs. creating fear?

  • Do you have fun together?

  • Is the whole greater than the sum of the parts I.e. are you better as a team than as individuals?

  • Do you conduct retrospectives on the work you do on a regular basis so you can improve continuously?

  • Are you using ‘definition of done’ to clarify work and set expectations with your team and your own manager?

  • Have you mapped stakeholders as a team?


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